Kyby Football Club Update from President, Jamie Tidy

Football at Last

We are only a very small step away from some footy!!  Credit to our players and coaching staff for staying keen, fit and connected with each other.  The season will not be a normal one, but we will get to play some footy, and at the least there will be 3 home games at Kyby.  Round 1 will be this weekend against East Gambier at Mcdonald Park in the Mount, and next weekend we will be versing Mundulla at Kybybolite.  Please try and get to the games to support local football if you can.

Major Woodcut

We had great support from players at our major woodcut fundraiser on the weekend. The Woodard Family kindly allowed us to cut and split approx 22t of quality redgum and we are very thankful for their generous and ongoing contributions.

Senior Membership Fees

Initially we asked for members to please pay a supporting membership of $40 to help with bills and running costs for the club. As we are now playing football starting this weekend senior player memberships have been set at $100 per player.  If you have already paid the initial $40 then you only need to pay the top up $60 into the Sports Club account.  This cost covers insurance and general running expenses but also entitles you to discounted drink specials on Thursday night trainings. Where else do you get an amazing schnitzel for $12 anywhere in Australia!!!

The Tigs Express

Will be running to Mt Gambier on the weekend and the contribution will be $20 for the return trip. Please keep an eye on the players page for the departing point. We are looking into any restriction due to this crazy covid world we live in so best get in early and we will keep you posted of any updates.

Player Registrations

It is vitally important that you register prior to the weekend so you are right to play. Stacey has been sending links but if you are in doubt please contact our fantastic Football Club Secretary Stacey McBain to make sure your registration is current. or 0447 884188.

As a final note please support the club anyway you can by way of staying for a meal where possible or sticking around to watch a game of AFL on the big screen.  At any time, we could have the rug pulled from underneath us if things change here in South Australia.  As a club and committee, we have continued to try and provide some form of sport and will endeavor to provide some social activities where possible also. Enjoy the sport while it is possible.

Regards and Best wishes

Football Club President

Jamie Tidy


Senior Football Update from Scott Carberry

Firstly I’d like to congratulate the senior player group for an amazing display of resilience, determination and commitment, without this we wouldn’t be lining up to play in the Limestone Coast Football League this weekend.

It’s been a year of one hurdle after the next, but this group has shown that staying committed to each other will get them through even the toughest of times and being one of the two clubs from our league to get through to this stage is an amazing achievement.

This week is round 1 of 6 home and away games of the Limestone Coast Football League competition, two finals will be played between the top four at the completion of round 6.

Kyby made the decision to enter one senior side due to approximately 15 of our players either being situated in Adelaide, cross border citizens, or deciding to take the year off.

Stephen Craig will be coaching the group on away games as my Cross Border Community pass (which allows me to coach Kyby due to it being my employment) doesn’t allow me to travel more than 50km from the point I enter the state. 

The COVID-19 situation is an evolving one and we will continue to adapt to the constantly changing environment.

We usually have around 30 players at all trainings, with the majority of these players being between the ages of 17 and 25, which will be the core group of our senior sides going forward. We will be using this competition to get senior football experience into the playing group as well as developing our brand of Kyby football.

Good luck to Andrew Shepherd and Nick Hillier with the junior football this season and also to everyone involved in the junior netball. It’s definitely been tough time getting everything organised but it’s thoroughly appreciated by everyone involved.

Thank you to the committee for their ongoing support and thank you to all of the sponsors that have got behind Kybybolite in these tough times – it’s much appreciated.

Scott Carberry

Senior Football

Scott ‘Carbs’ Carberry Coaching the Senior Footy

Andrew ‘Super Shep’ Shepherd Coaching the Senior Colts 

New Junior Footy training tops, thanks to these sponsors:

Kybybolite Cattle Club, C & T Schinckel Transport, Munro & Grigg, Haynes Livestock, Shepherd Farming, Hillier Agriculture, The Tuck Shop, Malone Wines, Castec

Mog & George (U14’s) in the new Junior Footy training tops

Darcy & Mitch (U17’s) in the new Junior Footy training tops

We appreciate our past Sponsors