Kybybolite Football Update

A KNTFL League meeting was held on Wednesday night to decide on the position for the 2020 season. The decision was made to suspend the season and look towards Football starting again in season 2021.

It is disappointing, as Kyby was prepared to put in the hard yards to make a season happen. Our number one aim was to give our players the opportunity to play the sport they love – for the club, supporters & members.

This outcome is particularly tough for Carbs and his coaching team and players – they have proudly taken the hit on the chin, and last night there was full attendance of senior and junior footballers on the training track (abiding by Covid safety procedures, of course).

As a club we should be very proud of the coaches and playing group for the commitment they have shown to each other and the Kybybolite Football Club.

Every effort will be made to get Juniors playing sport in season 2020!!!

Under the current restrictions, it was going to be very difficult to run the Sports Club at a level where we could be profitable, and at the same time it would be placing too much pressure on our already stretched group of volunteers. At the heart of this, it’s also worth remembering that while we are largely unaffected locally and regionally by the Covid-19 crisis, the pandemic is still causing havoc all over the world and we are not out of the woods in Australia yet.

Football and Netball clubs provide a sanctuary for families and people in general, to escape the daily grind of their lives.  It provides a safe place for children and adults to play sport, socialise and feel safe.  Never underestimate the feeling of belonging to a club.  It gives teenagers a place they need to be for training & playing 2-3 nights a week, kids a place to run around and stay fit, and adults a place to feel young by getting involved.  Now, more than ever, we need our club to stay strong and continue to make the Kybybolite Football and Netball Club a relevant, fun, and great place.

Will Malone is the President of the Junior League, with Kyby taking it’s turn to run the league.  Of paramount importance is the need to get some form of junior competitions for both Netball and Football.   Scrambling is currently underway in conjunction with other clubs and the SANFL to get something in place so there is sport for juniors.  Please be patient and maybe reach out to offer support, and ask how you can help.  In challenging times, there tends to be people complaining but not a lot of answers or solutions offered up.  Please be patient as these are unprecedented times, and we will need help, not hindrances, if we are to move forward as a league and as a club.

Here’s Will Malone’s contact details, if you would like to get in touch or offer your help:
0408 852706

Club finances are always tight, so if you can contribute in any way, please do.

Players have opted to pay a $40 Club Membership to help, and many Sponsors have generously offered up contributions, which is greatly appreciated.

The senior playing group led by Carbs, Stevie, Crozz and Slotts deserves a massive pat on the back for training the whole way through, and even continuing despite the tough Covid-19 measures and restrictions. At no stage has Carbs been anything other than laser focused on building a team of fine young men to represent our club and brand.  He is more than capable of finding the ultimate on-field success in the next few years, as the players continue to buy into his training and message.  Shep and the senior colts have also had full training lists and have also been inspired by the commitment shown by the senior players. Leadership starts from the top and you should all feel exceptionally proud.  I can proudly say we are the envy of the league as word has spread of the commitment shown within the club, and to each other.  We have certainly come a long way from a couple of years ago.

On a final note – what a crappy hand to be dealt, as President of the Football Club!!! But you know what?   Sh!t happens, and now nearly 3 years on we are in pretty good shape, thanks to the hard work of our committee and many people prepared to get their hands dirty. Volunteering in any form can be many things – frustrating, feeling undervalued, missing family time – as well as rewarding, developing leadership skills, and experiencing great times, like seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they are having a ball like Pink Day 2019. There are many positions available within the various committees and they are vital to keep our club ticking. “Many hands make light work!!”

Further updates to come on the Junior Season, so please be patient and be prepared to ask “How can I help”

Jamie Tidy Football Club President