Football Update

Football Club President Jamie Tidy

What an unusual few months it has been!!! Whilst Australia has largely been spared from the wrath of COVID-19, local sport has very much been one of the biggest victims of this horrible disease. In regards to football I have fielded many phone calls daily as to whether I believe it will of won’t go ahead this season. If the season happens it will be a significantly shortened draw but at this stage there would be no spectators allowed and the Victorian teams and played from over the border would not be able to participate. With no crowds and no income there is little prospects clubs can afford to fields teams. Lights cost approx. $50 – $70 per night to run which would equate to approx, $500 – $1000 per month just for lighting to train and play.

Our very dedicated coaching team headed by Carbs and Mark Slotts will resume training from Tuesday 19th May and will be adhering to the very strict guidelines as set out by our governing body the SANFL. Paula Gust has kindly collated the most relevant documents which we encourage you to read thoroughly before venturing out to training just so you are 100% aware of what is required of you as a player.  (Links below)

In the event that the season is cancelled and I feel a decision will be made very shortly by the league one way or the other, efforts will be made to have some kind of junior competition to keep our future stars keen and involved in both football and netball.

Membership & Sponsorship

The club still has many bills to pay, in the form of electricity, insurances as well as the usual maintenance upgrades to an old building. To alleviate the burden we have planted 2 paddocks to hay to bring in income for both the football and sports club. A lot of sponsors and members have chosen to pay their memberships regardless and for this, we thank you.

Please put yourself in a position to receive and read updates just so you can be aware of what is happening in the ever-changing climate we see ourselves in.

Stay safe and look forward to seeing or hearing from all you wonderful Kyby people soon

Love and best wishes


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